Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you currently located?

I am currently located either in Washington, DC (Sept-May) or Portland, Maine (May-August).

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! I create each payment plan to personally cater to each client’s needs. No payment plan is alike and I work with my clients to develop a plan that is best suited to their lifestyle and package of choice.

Can I invite so-and-so to join in on my photoshoot?

For engagement, couple, and family shoots, I would recommend going with the Flame portrait package or taking a look at my couples pricing to ensure that all necessary parties are included in the terms of the package.

Can you replicate this pose / photo / location from this shoot I saw on Pinterest?

While I am more than happy to take a look at any and all photos you may have pinned as inspiration for the session, my goal is to create something special, meaningful, and unique to you. I would encourage you to take a look at my portfolio before booking to get an idea of the sort of shots I enjoy creating, as well as the ways in which I may be able to bring out the essence of who you are in your session too. Ultimately, I would like each and every client to walk away from their session with a smile on their face and timeless memories they can pass on from generation to generation. Capturing the beautifully candid, entirely realistic, and artfully messy parts of who you are is what drives my creative spirit, with my hope that you will end up with a product that enriches yours as well.

Do you require an initial deposit?

Yes I do, as collateral in case a client decides not to show up the day of the shoot, and also as a benefit to the client since the deposit is deducted from the total payment amount.